World's End

World's End represents the beginning of Jonathan Maltus's expansion into the Napa Valley. Jonathan Maltus, the winemaker, is one of the “rebels” in Bordeaux. 

His success has been built upon an ambitious, exciting, innovative and technologically advanced approach whilst strictly maintaining the vineyards “terrior”. His wines are completely influenced by experiences as ‘garagistes’ during the 90’s in Saint Emilion. 

Jonathan is described as 'visionary’ by the ‘English winemaking guru’ Robert Parker. Jonathan hails from Chateau Teyssier in Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France where he produces a number of award winning wines, including the iconic Le Dome. 

His wines are rated 5 stars by Decanter Magazine. World’s End Wines come in two levels – Single Vineyard and Reserve Varietal, with interesting Napa Valley labels and all named after Jonathan’s favorite rock’n’roll songs.

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World's End標誌著Jonathan Maltus向Napa Valley擴張的開始。釀酒師Jonathan Maltus是波爾多的“叛逆者”之一。

他的成功是建立在雄心勃勃,令人興奮,創新和技術先進的方法上,同時嚴格維護葡萄園“風土”。他的葡萄酒完全受90年代在聖埃美隆(Saint Emilion)的“garagistes”經歷的影響。

Jonathan Maltus被Robert Parker描述為“遠見卓識”。Jonathan Maltus來自法國波爾多Saint Emilion Grand Cru的Chateau Teyssier,在那裡他生產了許多屢獲殊榮的葡萄酒,包括標誌性的Le Dome。

他的葡萄酒被《Decanter》雜誌評為5星。World’s End的葡萄酒分為兩個等級—Single Vineyard 和 Reserve Varietal,帶有有趣的Napa Valley酒標,並且均以Jonathan最喜歡的搖滾歌曲命名。

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