Bordeaux En Primeur 2023 (Part 2)

First Look At The 2023 From Barrel

“2023 is a vintage that is likely to be judged favourably – a good and perhaps even a very good vintage, but not an exceptional vintage. But it is also a vintage that would not have turned out well even a decade ago and whose heterogeneity prevents it from being regarded as exceptional even it if is likely to have produced a number of truly exceptional wines.”

By Colin Hay, the drink business

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The Winter was cold and wet, ensuring the vines had ample access to water reserves from the beginning. The season commenced early with budburst in mid-to-late March, which raised the risk of frost damage, although little impact was reported.

Spring posed challenges for some producers, with elevated temperatures in April and May, accompanied by storms in late May. Rainfall varied significantly across different appellations. Flowering occurred in late May to early June, followed by fruit set. Most châteaux were extremely pleased, with several highlighting the large potential crop.

The summer was characterized by hot and occasionally stormy weather. The resulting humidity exerted considerable pressure from mildew throughout the season. While mildew could potentially lead to volume loss, proper treatments and selection minimized the impact on quality. In fact, the removal of affected berries could potentially benefit the eventual quality due to lower yields.

High temperatures and storms persisted in July, although there was no excessive rainfall or excessive sunshine. The lack of sunshine prompted some producers to de-leaf in the hopes of facilitating ripening. August brought some welcome rainfall, followed by heatwave conditions, which aided the vines in ripening during the late stages.

This year was the second hottest on record, following 2020. However, it was not scorching due to consistent cloud cover until late August. These conditions were then disrupted by a heatwave in early September, with temperatures exceeding 40°C. This heat played a fundamental role in defining the character of the vintage, accelerating maturity and dehydrating the grapes, resulting in wines with enhanced detail and focus.

Picking for dry white wines began in late August, while picking for reds commenced in early September and lasted until mid-October. A “beautiful Indian summer” occurred in early October, contributing to the exceptional ripeness and concentration of Cabernet Sauvignon.

“The best 2023s exhibit the fully ripe tannins and suave, seamless mouthfeels of a sunny vintage such as 2019; yet their vibrant aromas and flavors, evocative of fresh fruits and flowers, are more indicative of a cooler year.”

“…due to a cool global economy and two consecutive lukewarm en primeur campaigns, the 2023s may be released at prices as interesting as any we have seen since 2019.   “

By William Kelley, The Wine Advocate


“The best reds show balance and freshness with deep center palates of ripe fruit and a complement of polished tannins…they are so Bordeaux in their nature with their tensioned mouthfeels and energetic finishes.”   

By James Suckling

 In summary, the Bordeaux En Primeur 2023 campaign offers a return to Bordeaux’s classic style, with vibrant reds and excellent dry whites. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious enthusiast, this vintage is worth exploring especially with attractive and lower prices since 2019!


2023 En Primeur Guide

You may order the wines once you have received the relevant information and prices.  All orders should be sent to for confirmation.  A few ground rules should be observed before you place your order, though.

  • All price indicated is ex-cellar in Euros (€)
  • Overseas & HK local delivery + insurance fees (From France to HK) will be charged at the time when the wines are ready to be shipped back.
  • Other related charges (e.g. import tax, if at the time of importation, HKSAR decide to re-impose such tax) will be calculated at the time when the wines are ready to be shipped back
  • Minimum purchase quantity – 6 bottles
  • Price per bottle in wooden case of 6x75cl or 12x75cl
  • Different formats from 37.5cl to 1.5-3-6-9-12-15-18 liters or case sizes at extra cost.
  • Payment 100% upon receiving the invoice
  • Possible delivery will be starting from the 1st quarter of 2026, depends on the final announcement from the Chateau
  • First come first served, subject to remaining unsold

Please refer to the terms as below for more information on ordering en Primeur wines.

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