Chateau Franc Maillet


Pomerol is the smallest of the Bordeaux sub-regions, less than 800 hectares.  There is no official qualification system here, thus the wines are never labeled Grand Cru, yet the quality is astonishing. This little area boasts one of the most famous and expensive wines in the world, Petrus, bottles of which can cost up to $6000/bottle in the best years.

The history of this property starts in 1919. For three generations, the Arpin's have extended and improved the property: de-budding, cover crop, de-leafing, thermoregulation, better control of the vinification and maceration processes.

The cuvee « Jean-Baptiste » is produced in collaboration with and is exclusive to Jean-Luc Thunevin. There is a parcel of Merlot within the Franc Maillet vineyard that is planted on a streak of the same red clay that typifies Chateau Petrus just up the road. It is this parcel that makes the special Cuvee Jean Baptiste.

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波美侯是波爾多分區中面積最小的地區,不到800公頃。這裡沒有官方的資格認證系統,因此這些葡萄酒從未貼上Grand Cru的標籤,但質量卻驚人。這個小地方擁有世界上最著名和最昂貴的葡萄酒之一,Petrus,在最佳年份,每瓶的價格可能高達6000美元。

Chateau Franc Maillet的歷史始於1919年。三代以來,Arpin家族經過三代人的努力,對屬性進行了擴展和改進:去芽,覆蓋農作物,去葉,調節溫度,更好地控制葡萄酒釀造和浸漬過程。

«Jean-Baptiste»是與Jean-Luc Thunevin合作製作並獨家生產的。在Franc Maillet葡萄園裏有一塊梅洛葡萄田,種植在一塊紅色粘土上,這條紅葡萄田典型地代表了Chateau Franc Maillet。造就了特別的Cuvee Jean Baptiste。

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