André Clouet

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Andre Clouet since 1741

A little patch of heaven on earth

During Creation, when God grew weary of sculpting the mountings, razing the deserts and firing up the volcanoes, he treated himself to a few moments of pleasure. He designed a little earthly paradise called Bouzy.

 The origins of the Clouet family are lost in the mist of time. Distant ancestors held the position of printer to the King for several hundred years. It took the Clouet family more than two centuries and several generations to build up their collection of vineyards, the divine old masters of our House in Bouzy.

Andre Clouet Silver Brut Nature Champagne

André Clouet’s descendants took over his estate, ensuring that it remained in the family. The property had aged but has now been modernised, and the team working to perpetuate the House of André Clouet is inspired above all by the desire to preserve the personality of it’s champagnes.

The bottles are exported to all five continents, destined only for a few, however, because the production is unfortunately, limited.

Andre Clouet 1911 Champagne

These fabulous vintages are bewitching, from the moment they meet the eyes to their moment on the lips.


See André Clouet’s magnificent collection