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Robert M. Parker, The father of modern wine criticism, arguably the most influential wine critic in the world. Born and bred in Maryland, Parker began his wine writing in 1984. Today, a 100-point Parker score can make or break a wine brand.

The Wine Advocate newsletter first became known after Parker accurately predicted the high quality of the 1982 Bordeaux vintage. It soon became a standard reference for fine-wine consumers in the United States. The Wine Advocate is believed to have a profound effect both on prices and market demand for fine wines around the world, particularly those from Parker's preferred regions.

Parker has famously tasted and scored some of the world's finest and most prestigious wines. He has certainly tasted the majority of the World's Most Expensive Wines.

In 2006 Parker chose a group of staff members to cover the majority of the world’s wine regions in his place, and generate wine scores. In December 2012 Parker stepped back from his full-time position at The Wine Advocate, naming Lisa Perrotti-Brown as the publication's new editor-in-chief. He retired formally in 2019.

The Wine Advocate/Robert Parker 100-point wine-scoring scale:

96–100 – Extraordinary
90–95 – Outstanding
80–89 – Barely above average to very good
70–79 – Average
60–69 – Below average
50–59 – Unacceptable

羅伯特·帕克(Robert M.Parker),現代葡萄酒評論家之父,可以說是世界上最有影響力的葡萄酒評論家。派克在馬里蘭州(Maryland)出生長大,1984年開始葡萄酒評論。如今,100-point Parker score的分數可以决定一個葡萄酒品牌的成敗。

在Robert M.Parker準確預測了1982年波爾多葡萄酒的高品質之後,Wine Advocate第一次為人所知。它很快成為美國優質葡萄酒消費者的參考標準。Wine Advocate被認為對世界各地的優質葡萄酒的價格和市場需求都有深遠的影響,特別是那些來自Robert M.Parker首選地區的葡萄酒。

Robert M.Parker曾品嘗過世界上最優質、最負盛名的葡萄酒,他肯定嘗過世界上大多數最貴的葡萄酒。

2006年,Robert M.Parker選擇了一組工作人員來代替他的工作,以覆蓋世界上大部分葡萄酒產區,並產生葡萄酒得分。 2012年12月,Robert M.Parker退出了他在The Wine Advocate的全職職位,任命Lisa Perrotti-Brown為該出版物的新主編。他於2019年正式退休。

Wine Advocate/Robert Parker 100分葡萄酒評分量表:

96–100 –非凡
90–95 –傑出
80–89 –高於平均水平,良好
70–79 –平均
60–69 –低於平均水平
50–59 –不可接受