Refund policy

It is the Customer’s and/or receiver’s responsibility to check the condition of any goods received at the time of collection or delivery, including wines, glassware and accessories.

Return is only available provided the goods remain in good condition and that the request to cancel is received in writing with a valid receipt. Return will only be applicable on wine or champagne below HKD$800 per bottle or less than 10 years old.

No returns shall be made on glassware or accessories after the goods are collected or delivered.

Any cancelled order will be refunded within 30 days. A charge of HK200 for collections will be payable. If returned wines are not deemed to be in a saleable condition, a re-delivery fee will also be charged.

In the event that you would like to lodge a refund or return, please write to within 5 working days after the day following the delivery of the goods.

All risks in the products shall pass to the Customer upon delivery but the Company shall retain title in the products until full payment has been received.