Leo Vanin

Leo Vanin’s farm is located in the Valdobbiadene area called “il Settolo”, between the hills and the “glorious” river Piave that crosses these lands to flow into nearby Venice.
Leo Vanin’s winery is located in the heart of this Treviso locality, obtained from a small farmhouse that has belonged to the Mattiazzo family for more than a century, surrounded by vineyards that the progenitors Giovanni and his brother Venanzio first planted in this area. They are roughly in the postwar years, the wine that was produced was used partly for family consumption and partly as a barter to buy other goods.



The company is now run by the Mattiazzo family, the owner Leo started the business about twenty years ago deciding to replant the vineyards that his father had inherited from his grandfather Giovanni, he is assisted by his wife and daughters Mara and Jessica.
Prosecco wine is obtained exclusively from grapes harvested in the approximately six hectares of land that they cultivate and follow in every production phase: from flowering to the right ripening of the grapes, up to the ritual of the harvest, a moment that collects the work of an entire year.



In the cellar then another important part of work takes place: from the pressing of the grapes to the vinification of the must obtained.
Leo Vanin’s products are the declination of Prosecco in the types: sparkling, sparkling with natural fermentation in the bottle and sparkling wine. Thanks to the different positions of the plots they are able to offer the three major denominations for Prosecco Spumante: Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG, Asolo Superiore DOCG, Treviso DOC.



Furthermore, for some years now, thanks to the acquisition of a farm in the hilly area of ​​Vicenza in the Castelgomberto area, Leo Vanin has also combined a red wine obtained from a particular Bordeaux blend.
In the same land, they have planted more than two hundred olive trees of five different cultivars, from their fruits they cold extract their Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.


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