Domaine Bernard Defaix-One of Burgundy Top 100 in 2021

One of Burgundy Top 100 in 2021, by Bourgogne Aujourd'hui

Fourth generation from a family of vine-growers, Bernard Defaix started with 2 ha in 1959. From this period, a method to protect the vineyard against spring frost was discovered. Thanks to this, the vine-growers could be sure to have a minimum of harvest every year and so they began to develop stable trade markets. 

Today, brothers Didier and Sylvain oversee the vineyard and winemaking efforts, producing an impressive fleet of wines. As of the 2016 vintage, they offered a Petit Chablis, two Chablis, five Premier Cru Chablis, and two Grand Cru Chablis, as well as a Bourgogne Rouge, an Aligote and a Sauvignon Blanc.

Domain Bernard Defaix是葡萄種植者家族的第四代傳人,始於1959年的2公頃土地。此後,他們發現了一種保護葡萄園免受春季霜凍的方法。因此,Bernard Defaix可以確保每年最少的收穫,開始建立穩定的貿易市場。

如今,迪迪埃(Didier)和西爾文(Sylvain)兄弟管理著葡萄園和釀酒工作,生產出令人印象深刻的葡萄酒。截至2016年份,他們擁有一個Petit Chablis,兩個Chablis,五個Premier Cru Chablis和兩個Grand Cru Chablis,以及勃艮第紅葡萄酒,阿里高特(Aligote) 和長相思(Sauvignon Blanc)。