Fon Marko Malvazija 2017

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Type: White Wine   Volume: 750ml

Winery: Fon Marko

Country: Slovenia   Region: 

District: Kras

Ratings and Tasting Notes:

(JR=16.5/20) Pungently toasty nose breaking into green orchard fruit on the palate. Tense bitterness and that sweet-sourness of decayed lemon citrus, the pith and peel collapsing into the flesh. Which sounds all wrong, but here, somehow, it tastes just right. So tense the wine seems to be crouching and ready to spring. So smoky in the core that it's almost impossible to peer inside and work it out. A wonderful puzzle of a wine, that will discomfort you and yet you will come back for more. (TC) Tamlyn Currin